Romney glitter-bombed in Minnesota, calls it ‘confetti’

Other glitter bomb incidents have been motivated by gay-rights activists. The attack on Romney was credited to Occupy Minneapolis, an outgrowth of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.

Romney took the stage before a crowd of supporters in Eagan, Minn., with glitter in his hair, and joked that the glitter was actually “confetti” celebrating his win in Florida’s primary vote on Tuesday.


“This is an exciting time. I’m happy for a little celebration. This is confetti: We just won Florida,” he said. “We’re going to win the White House next. Let me tell you, President Obama is not going to be seeing a lot of confetti.”

He continued speaking at the campaign event after taking off his jacket, glitter still clearly visible in his hair.

“Oh, I've got glitter in my hair. That's not all that's in my hair, I’ll tell you that. I glue it on every morning, whether I need to or not," he joked.

There were conflicting reports regarding the glitter-thrower following the incident. According to the local Fox affiliate in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, the attacker was Nick Espinosa, the same gay-rights activist who “glitter bombed” Newt and Callista Gingrich during a visit to Minneapolis in May.

Rick Santorum, another candidate for the GOP nomination, has been the victim of frequent “glitter bomb” attacks. In January, after a string of three attempts, Santorum told Fox News the attacks were a demonstration of intolerance for his socially conservative views.

“This is about the radical left, who, of course, it is not about tolerance. It’s about trying to shut down free speech, anybody who disagrees with them,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned this just shows how intolerant they really are. They’re afraid of the truth.”