DNC chairwoman: Trump, Romney ‘both like firing people’


A source close to Romney's campaign told The Hill Thursday that Trump will endorse the former Massachusetts governor at the casino he owns in Las Vegas. 

The confirmation capped a dizzying day with early reports from The New York Times and The Associated Press saying Newt Gingrich's campaign expected the endorsement to come their way and other reports suggesting Trump would back Romney.

Wasserman Schultz also knocked Romney for comments he made Wednesday in which he said that he was "not concerned about the very poor" because they have a safety net. Romney went on to say he was focusing his efforts on the middle class, and insisted the "not concerned" line was being taken out of context.

"Mitt Romney has consistently demonstrated — and this is one more glimpse into the window of his mind — that he has no concern for people who are struggling, and that includes the middle class," Wasserman Schultz said. "He has absolutely no proposals that would help make sure that we could create jobs and he supports continuing the loopholes that he benefits from in the tax code."

The DNC also released a Web ad Wednesday critical of Romney's economic plan, claiming it would do little to help middle-class families struggling with the economy.

"You can't just say the words 'middle class' and actually get credit for caring about the middle class," Wasserman Schultz said.