Obama Girl's love wanes in new video

YouTube sensation Amber Lee Ettinger, aka Obama Girl, is back with a new video. But instead of reaffirming her puppy-love crush on the president, Ettinger is singing a different tune.

“You better step up, cuz I need that man, if my old crush on you was true,” sings Ettinger in a new video uploaded Tuesday by PoliPop, YouTube’s new entertainment and politics channel.

The song, titled "Glease," plays off the melody of Grease's "You're the One That I Want" and the hit TV show "Glee." Ettinger romps around a political carnival — complete with a Rick Santorum Frothy Shake Shack — while fellow YouTube star Alphacat, virally famous for his Obama impressions, tries to regain her allegiance.

"Oil spills and occupyin'," belts Alphacat in a sleeveless button-down dress shirt. "I'm-a losin' my cool."

"You better step up," answers Ettinger. "Because across the land all our hearts were bet on you."

"So much left," cries Alphacat in return. "So much left for me to do."

And then the chorus: "You wanna our vote? Ooh, ooh, ooh, Barry."

The video is a change of heart for Ettinger, who in 2007 garnered more than 24 million hits with her video "I've Got a Crush on Obama." Ettinger — like other young voters who rallied to Obama's side four years ago — isn't fully convinced of where her loyalties lie in this year's election.