New DNC ad hits Romney over Olympic leadership

The Web video accuses Romney of running the "most expensive Games in U.S. history." The ad also uses old footage of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) criticizing the 2002 Olympics as an "incredible pork-barrel project" and a "rip-off of the taxpayers."

Romney has often used his leadership of the Olympic Committee as an example of his private-sector experience. The DNC ad slams him for leading a committee subsidized by the federal government.

"In addition to exaggerating his impact on the Games, Mitt Romney also fails to acknowledge the $1.3 billion federal bailout — the largest for any Olympics then — that he secured and bragged about at the time, while railing against similar federal spending on the campaign trail today," DNC national press secretary Melanie N. Roussell wrote in an email.

"And while Mitt argues he saved the Games," the ad reads over Olympic stock footage, "the real savior of the Salt Lake City Olympics? The American taxpayer."