Romney: Obama reelection could result in nuclear war with Iran

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Mitt Romney said that reelecting President Obama would guarantee a nuclear war with Iran.

"We must not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. If they do the world changes, America will be at risk and someday nuclear weaponry will be used," he said during Wednesday night's GOP debate. "If I'm president that will not happen. If we reelect Barack Obama it will happen."

The crowd cheered his answer, and Rick Santorum said that Romney's comments were "absolutely right on and well-spoken."

The Obama administration imposed new sanctions on Iran earlier this month, a fact none of the candidates mentioned.

"When the Green Revolution rose, the pro-democracy rose, we had nothing, we had no connection, no correlation, and we did absolutely nothing to help him," Santorum said, and argued that Obama had supported "radicals" against "a friend of ours" in Egypt but that when protestors rose against Iran's government he did nothing.

"That is a president that must go," he said.