Romney: 'I don't see how a young American can vote' for a Democrat

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GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney said Monday he doesn’t understand how young people could vote for Democrats.

“I don’t see how a young American can vote for, well, can vote for a Democrat,” Romney said in a speech at the University of Chicago.

The former Massachusetts governor said Democrats were saddling young people with debt while Republicans are committed to reducing spending and balancing the budget.

Romney then said he didn't mean to be "flip."

"I apologize for being so offensive for saying that," Romney added. "In the humor, there's some truth there. 

"My party is consumed with the idea of getting federal spending down and creating economic growth and opportunity so we can balance our budget and stop putting these debts on you," he said. 

Romney made the comments while answering a question about how he would address the economic concerns of struggling young adults in the United States. 

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