Gingrich to spend his own money 'if necessary' to keep campaign alive

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"I have no incentive to get out, because I have a set of ideas that include $2.50/gallon gas, etc.," Gingrich said to Fox's Bill O'Reilly. "So I have every incentive to stay in."

"But you don't have any money," O'Reilly answered. "You'll spend your own money?"

"If necessary, but that's not the point," the former Speaker of the House quipped back. "We are raising some money ... I'm open about it. I don't mind telling people we need to raise money."

In addition to taking money from his own pockets, Gingrich will make cuts to his upcoming campaign schedule and lay off a third of his staff, according to a senior aide, in order to stay in the presidential race until the Republican National Convention.

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