A seven-year-old's take on Mitt Romney's candidacy


"I think [Rick] Santorum is" going to be the nominee, Nathan said, when asked by comedian Beck Bennett who he thought will win the GOP presidential primary.

As rival Mitt Romney continues to rack up endorsements, Bennet, a comedian who helps run a California production company, decided to look at the current GOP front-runner in a different light: through the eyes of a seven-year-old.

"McRomney," the seven-year-old continued pointedly in the video. "It sounds like he's trying to make a word up of his name."

"Sounds like he's trying to be endorsed by McDonald's or something," Bennett answers back.

"No, he was trying to make up a word so he can win the election," Nathan said. "So Mc... Nomney."

Bennet's hosts a bi-weekly YouTube series called "Fresh Perspectives," featuring interviews with children to get their take on current political issues. This week's video, uploaded Thursday, already has more than 10,000 views.