Romney hits Obama on jobs in pre-buttal to convention speech


In the new video, titled “President Obama's measure of progress,” the campaign zeroes in on North Carolina, where the speech will take place at the end of the summer. The campaign contrasts what it predicts Obama won’t be talking about in his speech this year — namely, the level of unemployment in the state — with the content of his convention speech in Denver in 2008.

The video slams Obama for the “nearly 50,000 jobs” lost in North Carolina since Obama took office, which equals “over twice the size of the arena where the convention will be held” in Charlotte.

While most of the convention will take place at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, which seats up to 20,000, Obama will actually accept his nomination on the final day of the speech at the Bank of America football stadium, which seats more than 73,000.

Romney is starting early in his strategy to undermine Obama’s big speech.The presumptive GOP presidential nominee plans to deliver what his campaign has billed as a “pre-buttal” to Obama’s convention speech on Wednesday afternoon in Charlotte, at a location across the street from the convention site.

The Democrats’ 2012 convention is set for early September, while the Republican National Convention will begin Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla.