Tea Party lawmaker 'very excited to be on the Mitt train'

"It's time for the Republican party and all conservatives to rally behind our nominee. We have our nominee. His name is Mitt Romney. We're very excited to be on the Mitt train," Scott said on Fox News.


Scott said his comments were a "resounding endorsement for the only man who is left in the race, who will take us, our nation, into the promised land."

"Now we have a messenger. We have a governor, a business owner, who understands how to create a smaller, simpler and smarter government," he added.

The South Carolina congressman denied having had hesitation about Romney's candidacy in the past.

"The fact of the matter is that this race has been heading towards the natural conclusion. I think that Mitt Romney is now a far better candidate than he was when he started. He's always been smart. He has now been tested and that's good news for America because we are now looking at what we know is the next president of these United States," Scott said.

Scott remained neutral in the race leading up to South Carolina's primary, despite being courted by the Republican hopefuls. Newt Gingrich, who announced he plans to suspend his campaign Wednesday, won the Palmetto State's GOP contest.

Scott told Fox News he believes there is "growing momentum" within the conservative base to get behind Romney.

"What we see is the fact that we have an opportunity to replace President Obama with a businessman, with a governor and with someone who comes from outside of Washington. That's good news for the American people," said Scott.

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