New Romney Web video highlights economic hardship


"Millions of Americans are struggling under the Obama economy," the narrator says in the new Web ad, titled "A few of the 23 million."

"It's all talk. You can say whatever you want, but it's not about saying what everyone wants to hear, it's about doing it," says Troy Knapp, interviewed in the ad. The ad targets the heartland: Each of the people who shares a tale of economic hardship in the video is from Iowa, a battleground state in the election.

"'Hope and change' has not been kind to millions of Americans, but they still believe in this great country and deserve a leader who believes in them," a narrator announces, as the Romney for President logo appears.

In recent surveys, more voters believe the economy will improve over the next year under Romney compared to under President Obama. A poll released by USA Today/Gallup this week found that voters believed in Romney over Obama on the economy 55 to 46 percent. 

Romney is looking to build on that lead. His campaign strategy has focused on the economy and Romney's private-sector experience turning around businesses, while Obama's campaign has sought to knock down Romney's record of success by focusing on companies that failed under Bain Capital, the private-equity firm Romney co-founded.