Actors Studio host offers Mitt Romney acting tips


Lipton, who has hosted Bravo’s interview series "Inside the Actors Studio" since 1994, offered to help Romney “work on” his ability to “come across as authentic” in a satirical video posted this week.

In the video, which urges Romney to “stick with the typecasting” in order to be himself, Lipton offers Romney a few method acting tips, including the keys to “relaxation.”

“Now that it appears that you’re going to get the Republican nomination, I would propose to you that you relax,” Lipton says in the video. “Only then can you begin to get in touch with yourself, and only when you get in touch with yourself can your audience get in touch with you.”

He also suggests that Romney look to former Hollywood actor and president Ronald Reagan, “a card-carrying SAG member.”

Lipton is clearly not a Romney supporter, indicated by the title of the video: “How to act human.”

He wrote an article for New York Magazine on Tuesday that accompanies the video, in which he decries Romney’s laugh, posture and wardrobe.

“Miscasting matters – in drama and politics – and absent a miraculous Brando-level acting performance, Mr. Romney’s going to continue to fall victim to self-consciousness, the actor’s worst enemy,” he writes.

Lipton later on Tuesday went on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” to critique other politicians’ performances.

President Obama “seems very relaxed, seems comfortable in his own skin,” Lipton said, judging his appearance this week on “The View.”

George W. Bush was “not acting,” Lipton said after watching a clip of the former president during a press conference. He called him “a soul revealed.”