Romney unveils debut general-election TV ad

Mitt Romney's campaign released its first television commercial of the general election Friday, a spot that outlines a series of "day one" goals for a Romney presidency.


The ad, expected to run in Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia, features a narrator speaking over stock footage of the American heartland and Romney on the campaign trail, outlining what "a Romney presidency would be like."

“Day one, President Romney immediately approves the Keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked. President Romney introduces tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators, not punish them. President Romney issues order to begin replacing ObamaCare with common-sense healthcare reform," the voiceover continues.

The campaign is expected to spend $1.3 million on the commercial, according to NBC News, a relatively small purchase. The Obama campaign, by comparison, is in the midst of a $25 million television campaign. 

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Romney spoke about the commercial on the campaign trail Thursday, telling reporters in Jacksonville that unlike one of the Obama campaign's ads critical of his tenure at Bain Capital, his commercials would take a positive tone.

"It will be a positive ad about the things I will do if I were president. It's contrasting with the president's ad, which came out, once again, as a character assassination ad," Romney said.

The campaign is notably also releasing a version of the ad in Spanish.