RNC video mocks Obama's 'headwinds' explanation for the economy

After onscreen text asks why the economy continues to struggle, the video catalogs more than a dozen instances of the president citing headwinds while discussing the economy.

"After four years of blaming 'headwinds,' maybe it's time for Obama to look in the mirror," the spot concludes.

Republicans have ramped up their criticism of the president over the economy since a disappointing jobs report released last Friday, looking to pin the economic struggles on the Obama administration.

“President Obama likes to blame everyone and everything for the weak economy except the person who is most responsible: Barack Obama,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement. “After three and a half years of job-destroying tax hikes, over-zealous regulation and out-of-control spending, the real ‘headwind’ facing job creators in this economy is President Obama’s economic policies."

The president, meanwhile, has argued that congressional Republicans' obstinate rejection of his proposed jobs bill can be blamed for continuing struggles. In fact, one of the "headwinds" clips cited in the RNC ad was taken from the president making that argument in Las Vegas on Thursday.

"Last September, I sent to Congress a jobs bill full of the kinds of ideas that, historically, Republicans and Democrats have supported. If they had taken all the steps I was pushing for back in September, we could have put even more Americans back to work. We could have sliced through these headwinds more easily," Obama said.