GOP super-PAC says young people 'sold bill of goods' on healthcare law

In a 60-second Web video released Monday, the group criticizes aspects of Obama's signature legislation.

“We want to reach young people online with a simple explanation of the downsides of the law. Young Americans have been sold a bill of goods about healthcare reform without having been told about the drawbacks,” said Kristen Soltis, communications adviser to Crossroads Generation, in a statement. “It’s important that my generation hears both sides of the story on healthcare reform.”

The high court is expected to make a much-anticipated ruling on the law on Thursday.

Crossroads Generation, which was founded by College Republicans, Young Republican National Federation and Karl Rove's American Crossroads super-PAC to target young voters, argues that states already allowed children under 26 to remain on their parents insurance, one of the new healthcare policies touted by Democrats.

"The law also says you can't be dropped be dropped for pre-existing conditions. Sounds nice, right? But the only way that works is if the government forces you to buy insurance and fines you if you don't. It's so bad, it's made it all the way up to the Supreme Court," says a narrator in the video.

The video goes on the lament more government involvement in the United States's healthcare system.

"Healthcare was already complicated. You had an employer and an insurer between you and your doctor, but Obama doubled-down and added government to the equation. Ouch," continues the narrator.

The super-PAC, also took aim at what it believes will be higher costs for young people associated with the healthcare legislation.

”When Republicans talk about how Obamacare is bad policy, it is important to point the increase in costs and decrease in choice that the law creates for my generation,” said Derek Flowers, executive director of Crossroads Generation in statement.