Romney ad uses Hillary Clinton to criticize Obama

The Romney ad will air in six swing states and is designed to blunt attacks from Obama.

The ad is unusual for its use of Clinton, who, as secretary of State, is not campaigning for Obama or any other Democratic candidate.


Obama, the Romney ad claims, “also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies.”

The ad uses footage from a Clinton campaign stop in Ohio on Feb. 22, 2008, when Clinton lambasted Obama for spending “millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods.” The Obama campaign had sent out mailers alleging that Clinton had called the North American Free Trade Agreement a “boon” for the economy, though Clinton had never used the word.

Images of Romney and Obama then flash onscreen with superimposed text that a narrator reads.

“Mitt Romney has a plan to get America working again. Barack Obama: worst job record since the Depression.” The ad cites a Bureau of Labor Statistics report from June 27 to support its claim.

The ads are running in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.