Crossroads GPS spends $8 million attacking Obama on jobs growth

The commercial from the GOP-affiliated group, "Tried," is being used in an $8 million ad buy set to run in the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia over the next week.

It starts off with a video clip of CNBC discussing June's weak jobs report, and followed by a narrator lamenting the unemployment rate and growing federal debt.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way. Over three years with crushing unemployment, American manufacturing shrinking again. President Obama's plan: spend more."

"Tell him for real job growth, 'cut the debt,' " says a female narrator.

The ad is part of a $25 million campaign announced last week to hit Obama on jobs and the federal debt, which is running through early August.

The first ad released by the Karl Rove-backed group also showcased the June jobs report, which showed the economy added only 80,000 jobs over the past month, while the unemployment rate remained at 8.2 percent.

“President Obama promised that his policies of big spending and taking on more debt would create jobs, but instead we’ve seen the weakest economic recovery in modern history,” said Steven Law, President of Crossroads GPS in a statement Thursday. “Every economic recovery in modern history has been faster and stronger than this one — and what’s different this time are the big spending, debt-creating policies of President Obama, policies we need to stop immediately and replace with fiscally responsible approaches.”

The sister organization to Crossroads GPS, super-PAC American Crossroads, announced Monday it was spending $40 million to air ads in swing states Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.