Team Obama to Romney: Prove it with Bain meeting minutes

President Obama’s campaign said Mitt Romney should release minutes from meetings with Bain Capital to prove he left the firm when he said he did.

“As we all know, Mitt Romney did a round of interviews on Friday where more questions were raised than answered, and over the weekend there were a series of new reports, some from the Boston Globe, from Bloomberg News, from the Huffington Post, that raised additional questions,” Jen Psaki, the Obama campaign's deputy communications director,  told MSNBC at a campaign stop in Cincinnati on Monday.

“So what we know is there is still a lot of questions, and we can solve this by having Mitt Romney release his tax returns, something that [former Mississippi Gov.] Haley Barbour (R) and [conservative columnist] Bill Kristol called for this weekend,: she continued. "And even releasing the minutes of the Bain meetings — the ball is in his court, so we’ll look forward to reviewing that.”


Romney gave interviews to the three broadcast networks, along with CNN and Fox, on Friday afternoon as his campaign scrambled to address questions over his tenure at Bain Capital.

The former Massachusetts governor stated firmly that he had no involvement with the day-to-day management of Bain after 1999.

The Obama campaign has been pressuring Romney over a report in the Boston Globe that questioned when Romney severed ties with Bain, arguing that he should be responsible for the firm's actions — including aiding in the offshoring of American jobs — during that period. Romney said he left the firm in February 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Olympics, but the Globe report, citing Securities and Exchange Commission documents, claimed Romney managed the firm beyond that time.

Also on Friday, Romney said he would release only two years of tax returns — a move that some on the right, including former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, conservative columnist Bill Kristol and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R), have criticized. The Romney campaign has argued that no amount of releases will satisfy the Obama campaign and their allies.

On Monday, the Romney campaign tried to flip the script on the argument, accusing the Obama campaign of crony capitalism and “political payoffs” that favor Democratic political donors. Psaki denied these claims.

“President Obama has really set a bar of transparency that Mitt Romney can not come close to meeting,” she continued. “The reason we’re talking about this is because President Obama releases his bundlers — something that Mitt Romney does not do. We encourage anyone to ask their campaign for their list of bundlers. I’ll also say that these attacks are old, they’re haggard, they’re tired and we’ve heard them before. Most of them have been all debunked by fact checkers.”