Rubio: Obama doesn't believe in 'American free enterprise system'

"He was being honest about what he feels, and that's what we've been saying all along. He's not a believer in the American free enterprise system," said Rubio on "Fox and Friends."

"But the fundamental fact is that this president believes, at his core, and has always believed, that the way the economy grows is when he and government have more power to take money and redistribute it into the economy. They've always believed that."

Romney's campaign likewise pounced on Obama's remarks, releasing a new ad Thursday aimed at convincing voters the president doesn't know how to handle the economy. 

The nearly two-minute ad features the owner of a New Hampshire metal fabricating company criticizing Obama's comments. 

Rubio, a supporter of Romney, has often been suggested as a possible running mate for the GOP presidential hopeful.

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