Tough Scott Brown ad hits Warren on Obama's 'you didn't build that' remark

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) launched a tough, two-minute Web ad on Monday that ties his Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren to President Obama's controversial comment, "you didn't build that."

The ad features some unlikely voices in support of Brown's argument — former Democratic Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton.

It contrasts pro-business statements from the former presidents with recent comments by Obama and Warren about the importance of government and infrastructure to growing business.

The ad specifically highlights the president's "you didn't build that" comment — referring to the nation's infrastructure — that Republicans have seized on to argue that Obama prioritizes government growth over entrepreneurship. The refrain has become a frequent one in Mitt Romney's campaign ads and speeches. Obama's team argues the remark was taken out of context.

Scott and Warren are deadlocked in their race, with polls showing them neck-and-neck. They have both proven to be strong fundraisers, and the national parties are heavily invested in this race.

The ad opens with onscreen text reading, "How did we go from this ..." and cuts to instances of Clinton, Johnson and Kennedy praising enterprise. The ad also includes speech excerpts from former Republican Presidents Reagan and Ford.

Text then reads, "To this ..." contrasting excerpts of campaign appearances by both Obama and Warren where they argue the importance of government infrastructure and investment in building and growing companies.

“Let’s remember what America is supposed to be about," the ad concludes, cutting to Brown speaking to a local Chamber of Commerce.

“When you do well, everyone else does well," Brown said. "And I promise you this, I will never demonize you as business leaders and business owners for the work you do or the opportunities you create, because I think we should not be blaming you — we should be thanking you.”

The ad will be a high-profile litmus test for whether congressional Republicans will be able to use the president's remark effectively against other Democratic candidates in the fall.