Romney Web ad mocks Obama's 'it worked' comment


In the video, the president's remark is played as onscreen text shows news reports bemoaning the economic recovery. The ad then transitions to Romney discussing his economic vision.

"I am going to do something to government. I’m going to make it simpler, and smaller, and smarter,” Romney says, as video shows the candidate meeting with factory workers. “Everything I do is going to be focused on getting this economy going. I’ll make sure that America is a job-creating machine like it has been in the past. With the right kind of leadership, we can get there.”

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom defended the use of the potentially out-of-context clip to the Post.

“Obama can’t have it both ways on this. He’s either running on the Clinton record, which is completely superior to his own,” Fehrnstrom said, “or Obama’s running on his record, which is a failure and why his campaign is now in the awkward position of saying the president was not referring to his own plans when he made the ‘it worked’ statement.”