Obama campaign releases music video to mark 100 days to election

The video features grassroots Obama supporters campaigning, talking to voters and going door-to-door for signatures.

Rock group Passion Pit's electropop hit, "Take a Walk," without the lyrics, serves as the musical backdrop to the Obama team video. The four-minute Web feature is shot in the same point-of-view style as the original music video


"The campaign’s strength has always come from the millions of grassroots supporters nationwide who are organizing their communities every day," said a statement released with the video.

First lady Michelle Obama is shown calling on voters to support the president during a speech highlighted in the video.

"From now until November we need you all to get out there and tell everybody you know. Tell them about Barack's values," she says.

The president, however, doesn't make an appearance in the video, except for a number of Obama posters and a clip of him on television delivering a speech.

The video was produced to highlight the Obama campaign's weekend of events marking 100 days until Election Day. More than 4,700 grassroots events in 50 states were held to promote the occasion, according to the campaign. Sunday marked 100 days before Americans go to the polls. 

"President Obama believes individuals build their businesses through hard work and initiative, with the public and private sectors working together to create a climate that helps them grow," continued the statement released with the video.

The role of government in the private sector has been a contentious debate between Obama and Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney.

Romney has repeatedly attacked Obama for mishandling the economy, and in an ad accused Obama of "demonizing" small-business owners.

Obama rejected Romney's claims and said he took the president's words out of context. 

Republicans have jumped on a remark in an Obama stump speech in which the president said "you didn't build this," in reference to the benefits businesses reap from government infrastructure.

The Romney campaign used the 100-day mark to slam Obama on the economy and Friday's GDP numbers, which showed that the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of just 1.5 percent in June.

"This Sunday marks 100 days until Election Day. Poll after poll shows us that jobs and the economy are the most important issues on the minds of the American people. Voters will be asking themselves a simple question: Which candidate is best equipped to finally get our economy back on the right track?," said Romney policy director Lanhee Chen in a memo Friday.

Romney spent Sunday in Jerusalem on part of his three-country tour abroad.