Conservative group runs ad questioning Obama birth certificate

The ad, titled “Shady Past,” features discredited theories from the “birther” movement, which claims Obama was not born in Hawaii and is ineligible to serve as president.  

It first ran on both CNN and Fox News this week, according to a report from ThinkProgress.

In the video a narrator questions Obama’s personal history and ask voters to join an effort to keep the president off the 2012 ballot.


“Who is Barack Obama? We know less about this man than any other President in American history. What’s he hiding? His autobiography is full of fictional characters. But there’s a lot more than that. If you try to look into his past, you run into a brick wall,” the ad says.

The ad says Obama’s college records at Columbia University and Harvard Law School are “sealed” and claims that “no one has seen an actual physical copy” of the president’s birth certificate.

“If we don’t know who Barack Obama is, we shouldn’t even have him as a candidate for president. Let’s disqualify Obama before the Democratic National Convention. Call today to sign the demand to disqualify Obama.”

The ad provides viewers with a phone number and asks them to join an effort to collect 10,000 signatures “from every congressional district” to have Obama removed from the ballot.

Overwhelming evidence shows that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a U.S. citizen, but members of what has been called the "birther" movement continue to question his nationality and claim he cannot serve as president.

The Conservative Majority Fund ad does not provide any legal justification for their claim that Obama can be forced off the ballot through a nationwide petition drive. 

The White House released a copy of the president’s long-form birth certificate in April 2011 hoping to put the issue to rest, but the controversy has continued to flare up.

Real estate mogul and Mitt Romney-backer Donald Trump has questioned the president’s citizenship and Romney surrogate John Sununu quickly clarified a remark during a call with reporters last month where he said Obama needed to “learn how to be an American.”

The former New Hampshire governor said he meant that Obama should learn the “American formula for creating business.” 

Conservative Majority Fund has also unveiled an ad on their YouTube page featuring former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and calling for viewers to join their “fight to repeal ‘ObamaCare,’” the president’s signature domestic healthcare reform law.