'Romney Girl' music video hits GOP contender on taxes

The video, “Romney Girl,” is a satirical music video that uses the tune of the 1997 Aqua dance hit “Barbie Girl.” During the course of the video, the eponymous Romney Girl, labeled “Swiss Miss Bank Account” in the video, carouses around New York City in an open-top, pink convertible with her pal “Mitt.”

The video, which airs with buys in Washington, D.C., and New York City, is a takeoff on 2008’s “Obama Girl” music video by Web comedy group Barely Political, in which a girl proclaims that she has a crush on then-Illinois Senator Obama. The video went viral and spawned a host of imitators as well as further videos.

One of the executive producers of the video, Agenda Project President and founder Erica Payne, tweeted that Romney Girl was “Mitt’s Naughty Offshore A$$et.”

The video launched alongside a website, Romneygirl.org, and a Twitter account, @realromneygirl.