Baldwin ad hits Tommy Thompson for not releasing taxes

The ad shows footage of Thompson adamantly refusing to release the returns. "'The question is, am I going to release my tax returns? My answer is no. No," he says. "The answer is N-O. What part don't you understand?"


The narrator points to Thompson's work since he left government office. "For years as governor, Tommy released his taxes. But now that he's made millions working at a Washington, D.C., lobbying firm?" the ad's narrator says before the ad replays Thompson's comment. "Why won't Tommy Thompson release his tax returns? What's he hiding? Tommy Thompson: He's not for you anymore."

The ad is Baldwin's first since the Republican primary was decided last Tuesday. Thompson remains fairly popular with independents in the state and has led her in polls, but Democrats believe if they can convince voters he cashed in with lobbyists in the past few years, they can defeat him.

The attack could gain some traction: The well-read Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel released an editorial on Tuesday calling on Thompson to release his returns.