Herman Cain: Polls show blacks voting for Obama because Romney supporters were working


Comedy Central host Jon Stewart had noted that the GOP presidential nominee has essentially "zero" support among blacks, according to polls. He pointed out that Cain, as a Romney supporter, basically represents the "margin of error."

"I know a lot of other American black conservatives that are gonna vote for Mitt Romney," Cain said. "The polls are inaccurate, in my opinion, based upon anecdotal evidence, based upon people that I know."

Unemployment among blacks is double that of the rest of the country, but Cain denied that he meant blacks represented by current polls are all unemployed.

Cain, who dropped his own bid for the GOP nomination last December, has proved himself a good sport through regular appearances on "The Daily Show" as well as fellow Comedy Central news spoof show "The Colbert Report."

He defended Romney's "different style" as the reason some people see him as aloof.

"It's a difference in style," Cain said. "[Romney] has a personality, but some people tend to voluntarily or involuntarily suppress it. I don't suppress my personality at all."