Dave Matthews 'slightly heartbroken' about voting for Obama


“I wish there was a third party,” he told CNN. “But right now I will wholeheartedly support Obama even if I'm slightly heartbroken about it.”

Matthews said he would like to see more movement on Obama’s part toward the environmental causes that the multi-platinum Grammy winner advocates.

But he will continue to support him, Matthews said, because “I don’t believe in trickle-down economics.”

The Dave Matthews Band played at a fundraiser for Obama in Seattle last May. At that event, he commented that he disagrees with the president on “quite a few things,” but added that he disagrees with his opponent, Mitt Romney, on more.

Matthews told CNN he expects the race to be close and ugly.

“Maybe it will be the ugliest election, as far as empty falsehoods that the candidates throw at each other,” he said.