Video: Obama, Romney engage in stare-down

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President Obama and Mitt Romney got into a stare-down Tuesday night during a heated discussion on energy policy.

It started while Romney accused Obama of cutting "permits on federal land and federal water in half."


"Not true Gov. Romney," Obama said. 

"So how much did you cut them by?" Romney said as he began to approach Obama, who was sitting down. 

Obama then got up and began to approach Romney as well. 

"Here's what we did. There were a whole bunch of oil companies —" Obama said.

"No, I had a question, and how much did you cut them by?" Romney pressed.

The distance between Romney and Obama narrowed as Obama said "I'm happy to answer the question."

Romney and Obama continued to speak over each other until Obama eventually said "I'll give you your time go ahead."

The two were arguing about whether production on government land was up or down under Obama, with the president denying Romney's claim that production was down. At one point Obama began to refute Romney when the GOP nominee said "You will get your chance in a moment," as the two candidates were beginning to talk over one another.

"I’m used to being interrupted," Obama said later.