GOP super-PAC pokes fun at Tester's buzz cut

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"Washington can sure change a man. 'Buzz cut Jon' Tester bragged about his independence — then went Barack Obama on us, voting for Obama’s $800 billion failed stimulus," the ad's narrator says in a cowboy twang, as the hair on Tester's head begins to grow.

"Bailing out the bankers at Fannie and Freddie Mac. Adding $5 trillion dollars to the debt. Independent? Heck, Tester votes with Obama 95 percent of the time. John Tester went Barack Obama on us — more spending, taxes and government. 'Buzz cut Jon' no more," the ad concludes, as Tester's trademark haircut morphs into flowing shoulder-length locks.

The ad was first obtained by The Hill.

Tester is locked in a tight race with Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), and outside groups from both parties have flooded the airwaves in the state for months.

The ad is running as part of a four-state Senate buy that also targets Arizona, North Dakota and Ohio, the PAC's first foray into these races. The other ads have not yet been released.

"Now or Never PAC will be committing millions of dollars to help the Republican prevail in each of these races," group spokesman Tyler Harber said. "We plan an aggressive offensive that will directly and indirectly benefit the Republican candidate. We believe our involvement in each of these races will help the Republican Party get one step closer to controlling the U.S. Senate."