Sen. Ron Johnson: Abortion not a campaign issue

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Johnson, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” said he had heard about abortion from just one voter, and that issues like the economy and Libya were more pressing concerns.

“It’s not even an issue here in Wisconsin,” Johnson said about abortion. “It doesn’t even move the radar at all.” 


Abortion and women’s issues veered back to the forefront recently, after Richard Mourdock, the GOP candidate for Senate in Indiana, discussed why he opposed abortion in the case of rape. 

In a debate this week, Mourdock decried rape in strong terms, but argued God chooses when pregnancy occurs, stating that "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen."

Democrats have sought to paint Mourdock as another Rep. Todd Akin, the GOP Senate candidate in Missouri who attracted criticism for his comments on "legitimate rape" earlier this year.

But many Republicans have defended Mourdock, accusing Democrats of twisting his words.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), also appearing on Fox, cited Akin and said women's health issues would be an important factor in his swing state.

Warner said – in the case of medical leave, for instance – that women’s health issues did intersect with the economy, and women’s ability to be active in it.

“I can only speak to the folks I’m dealing with in Virginia,” Warner said. “Both women and men want to make sure that we keep these elected officials kind of out of these personal decisions.”