Liberal super-PAC ad accuses Romney of playing 'Romnopoly'

"To Mitt Romney, your job and our economy are just a game. Romnopoly. You don't have to wait to find out what a Romney presidency would mean. 'I'd let Detroit go bankrupt.' If you're Mitt, get rich with a little help from government, then you can tell everyone else they're on their own," says a narrator in the ad.

The 60-second spot titled, "Romnopoly," spoofs the Hasbro Gaming board game Monopoly to portray Romney as out of touch with the needs of the middle class. 

It features video clips from workers that claim to have been harmed by Romney's former company, the private equity firm Bain Capital.

"They promised us healthcare package. They promised us to maintain the retirement program and those were the first two things that disappeared," Donnie Box, of GST Steel, says in the ad.

The ad is set to air in the pivotal state of Ohio, which has become one of the most closely watched states in the 2012 presidential contest. Recent polls show Romney and President Obama locked in a tight race in the Buckeye State.

Romney is campaigning in Ohio on Tuesday, where he will be joined by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). The Obama team has sent Vice President Biden and former President Clinton to attend grassroots events in the state on Monday.

"Mitt Romney acts like there are two sets of rules. One set for us and one for millionaires and billionaires," continues the narrator. "On tax day he just plays the loophole card. Can't afford the tax breaks for millionaires? Guess we'll just have to mortgage our children's future. It's not a game worth playing. Romnopoly. If Mitt Romney wins, the middle class loses."

American Bridge also mocks the GOP nominee by using an imitation game piece in the shape of a car with a dog on its roof. More than 20 different tokens have been used since Monopoly was launched in 1935, including a dog and a car, according to Hasbro.

The ad's token alludes to the criticism Romney has received for having strapped a crate holding his dog Seamus to the roof of his car during a 12-hour family road trip to Canada.

The anti-Romney group, "Dogs Against Romney" was founded to attack Romney as a bad pet owner.

Obama has also contorted Romney's name, saying last week that his opponent suffered from "Romnesia," hammering the Republican candidate for appearing to change his positions for political convenience.

“We’ve come up with a name for this condition,” Obama told a crowd at Delray Beach last Tuesday. “It’s called Romnesia. We had a severe outbreak last night. It was at least stage 3 Romnesia.”