Sen. Brown makes closing pitch in new ad


The ad, "People Over Party," is a one-minute cinematic spot that lends visual support to the argument Brown's been making throughout the campaign, and the one he has to win to win the election: that he's an independent voice for Massachusetts.

It features clips of a speech Brown gave in which he argues for bipartisanship, interspersed with clips of him driving in his iconic truck and crowds of Massachusetts voters. The ad includes a picture of Brown sitting in a meeting with President Obama, a nod to the fact that the president is slated to take the state with a double-digit lead on Election Day.

“My campaign, our campaign will always be about ‘We the People,' " he says at the end.

The ad comes as Democrat Elizabeth Warren has posted a consistent lead over the incumbent in most recent polls, but most observers agree the race remains close and Brown still has a chance to pull out a win in the final days.

His chances lie, however, in his ability to convince voters that he will not vote the party line — an attack Warren has launched, and Brown has worked to parry, since the beginning of the campaign.

She's attempted to tie him to a Republican majority in the Senate, based on the belief that those who back Obama will want him to have a supportive Senate, and would be turned off by the prospect of a Republican-controlled upper chamber.

But Brown touts his centrist voting record, as well as issues on which he's worked with Obama, to boost his bipartisan bona fides. Warren has hammered him at debates on that voting record, arguing that it's more extreme than he makes it out to seem.

Brown declined to reschedule their final debate, however, after it was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. The final week of the campaign, then, will be based largely on the arguments the candidates make on the stump and on the airwaves, face to face with voters, rather than up against each other.

Watch the ad: