Colbert touts his sister's House bid

Comedian Stephen Colbert touted his sister's congressional bid on his show Thursday night, giving her campaign his blessing in his tongue-in-cheek way.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch is one of three Democrats running in South Carolina's 1st congressional district, a GOP-leaning seat that was held by Republican Tim Scott before he was appointed to the Senate.

Colbert, in his trademark sarcastic style, discussed her race on "The Colbert Report," saying, "Holy cow, my sister is running for Congress."

He referred to her as "Lulu," saying that was her childhood nickname.


"No free air time Lulu. As a broadcast journalist I am obligated to maintain pure objectivity. It doesn't matter that my sister is intelligent, hardworking, compassionate and dedicated to the people of South Carolina," he said.

He added, "Besides, I'm not sure I can support her because she's running as a Democrat."

Sixteen Republicans are running for the seat, including former Gov. Mark Sanford and Teddy Turner, the son of business mogul Ted Turner.

"Republicans are all over this election like white on Republicans," Colbert noted.

"At this point I'm leaning toward actual candidate and former governor of the Appalachian Trail — Mark Sanford. I'm a family values conservative, and Mark, he just seems so steady."

Sanford, who gained national attention when he said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but was actually with his mistress in Argentina, is favored to win the GOP nomination. Busch is seen as the favorite on the Democratic side due to her strong name recognition.

Colbert has long touted his South Carolina roots, advocating to be appointed to the Senate seat vacated by Jim DeMint and appearing in the state during the 2012 GOP presidential primary.

One thing he did not say is whether he would campaign for his sister or help her fundraise. Colbert's super-PAC, which he shut down after the 2012 election, had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Colbert concluded his segment on his sister with this note: "Lulu is kind of tough. She could win this one and, if you do Lulu, I certainly hope you'll sit down with me for a 'Better Know a District,'" referring to a recurring segment from his TV show in which Colbert irreverently interviews House members.

"It will give you a chance to defend some shocking revelations I've found in your middle school diary."

The primary is March 19.