McConnell campaign knocks Democratic recruiting efforts in new video


The video, "Remembering…the Campaigns that Never Were," is made to resemble a movie, with clips of all the candidates who have decided against running for Senate in Kentucky in 2014.

It features Gov. Steve Beshear, Lt. Gov. Jack Conway, Rep. John Yarmuth and six others, including actress Ashley Judd, who announced just last week that, after making steps toward a run, she had decided against it.

McConnell's campaign launched its first video in the series in February, which also highlighted Democrats' recruiting difficulties in the state and sought to raise questions about some of the potential candidates' connections to Kentucky.

The videos are hosted at a standalone site, ObamasKentuckyCandidate.com, which the campaign launched to track Democrats' recruiting efforts. Republicans say the Democrats' lack of a candidate indicates the party is facing a tough battle for 2014 in Kentucky.

But Democrats insist McConnell is vulnerable, and say they still have a strong candidate in Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is considering a run but has not yet decided either way. She is currently in the process of gauging support for a run.

Watch the video: