Stephen Colbert rips Joe Scarborough

Comedian Stephen Colbert ripped MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday for heaping praise on Mark Sanford. 

Colbert ridiculed Scarborough's soft handling of Sanford, the GOP nominee for an open House seat whose Democratic opponent is Elizabeth Colbert Busch — Stephen Colbert's sister. 


Colbert said a Wednesday morning segment on Scarborough's show was "just pure infomercial for his old buddy, Mark Sanford." Scarborough is a former House Republican from Florida, and Sanford also previously served in the House. 

The comedian also made fun of Morning Joe co-host Mike Barnicle's comment to Sanford that "a lot of people, no matter where they are in the ideological spectrum were struck by your honesty a few years ago."

He noted that Sanford's political career went off the rails when he disappeared for nearly a week while serving as South Carolina's governor. Sanford's office initially said he was hiking on the Appalachian trail, but it turned out he was in Argentina with his mistress.

"When Sanford finally surfaced, the first thing that everyone thought was 'Man, that guy is being so honest about how much he lied,' " Colbert joked on Wednesday.

Colbert's segment on Wednesday served as his official endorsement for his sister. The comedian has already been fundraising for Colbert Busch and has touted her on his show. He praised her as a "job creator" and joked that he wanted to be on her campaign's "poster committee."

Sanford's campaign announced Thursday morning he'd won the endorsement of Colbert Busch's Democratic primary opponent. 

"I am a Democrat, but a conservative one, and I am supporting Mark because I don't think Elizabeth represents the conservative values of this district," Ben Frasier said in a statement released by Sanford's campaign. "I know Mark to be a man of integrity who will represent the District well. I am crossing party lines to make this endorsement because with all due respect to Elizabeth she is just too beholden to the political left to represent the Lowcountry effectively."

Frasier has been the party's nominee in the district before but hasn't been taken seriously as a candidate by either party in the past, and took just 4 percent of the primary vote after dropping out just before the primary this election.