Colbert Busch touts independence in first ad


"I won't take any special interest pledges or follow any party line. To create jobs in South Carolina, we need a well-educated and skilled workforce and we need to get rid of government waste. The deficit is killing jobs," she continues. "I approve this message because my only pledge is to do what's right for you."

The businesswoman, Clemson University administrator and sister of comedian Stephen Colbert is in a tight race with former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) for the seat. The district leans Republican but Sanford's unfavorable numbers are very high due to his past marital infidelities, and Democrats believe they have a real shot at winning the seat in early May.

The big question of the race is whether Colbert Busch's self-portrayal as a fiscally conservative, independent businesswoman will hold up after Republicans seek to tie her to President Obama in a district where Obama won just 40 percent of the vote. Her first ad seeks to bolster that image.