Christie says, 'I'm a damn good Republican'

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In a new interview set to air Friday night, NBC's Brian Williams asked Christie if he decided to run for president how he could survive the GOP presidential primary.

"Listen, I think very well. I'll worry about the presidency if and when I ever decide to run for it," Christie said. "But if you're saying to me how would how do I feel as a Republican? I'm a damn good Republican and a good conservative Republican who believes in things that I believe in. But that does not mean that I would ever put party before my state or party before my country."

Christie made headlines earlier in the year for criticizing top House Republicans for delaying relief funding for states hit by Hurricane Sandy. New Jersey was one of the hardest hit states. Christie called the delay "disgusting."

After Hurricane Sandy, Christie also praised President Obama's work to help the states hit by the storm. He called the president's help "outstanding." Christie told Williams he did not regret the praise.

"I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it because, in my heart, I know I did what was right, and all I did was actually complement someone who was doing their job well, and I can't imagine any governor doing anything any different," Christie said. "And I think the people second guess this are the typical armchair quarterbacks who never in their lives have had to make a decision like the multitude of decisions I had to make in a very short time under enormous stress of seeing my home state — the place where I was born and raised — destroyed."