Bill Clinton: 'I expect to support' Hillary on 'whatever' she does in 2016


"Look, I spent most of the last six months trying to reorganize our foundation and make sure we had a good space for Hillary to come in and do her projects, and Chelsea spends half her time on the foundation now because she knows more about all this — how it should be managed and organized — than I ever will," Clinton said. "So this has been fun for me. I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do, but whatever it is, I expect to support it."

Hillary Clinton has regularly been mentioned as a top presidential candidate in 2016. The former secretary of State recently joined Twitter and described herself in her bio as "glass ceiling cracker, TBD" which will increase speculation that Clinton plans to run for president in 2016.

The former president added that it was important not to fixate too closely on the next presidential election.

"I think it keeps us from giving attention to the kinds of questions you've asked me today," Clinton said. "We have staggering challenges in America. Flat wages. A lot of long-term unemployment, young people having trouble finding jobs. The student debt issue we just heard discussed. All these things.

"And so I'm only halfway kidding about what I said. I think we shouldn't just fixate on the next presidential election all the time. We need to take a little time off to work and think about what our country needs and think about what we can do to together and think about what the parties can do together and think about how we can reach across these lines that divide us and make something good happen for America."