Weiner: I texted three women since leaving Congress

Weiner’s comments come as he faces growing criticism and calls to step down from New York’s mayoral race after admitting on Tuesday that he had sent a young woman lewd text messages and photos well after similar behavior forced him to leave Congress in 2011.

Weiner estimated that he had interacted online with six to 10 women before leaving the House.

"I said at the time of my resignation there were six. I don't think in total there are more. … It's six to 10, I suppose," Weiner said. "But I can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not."

Weiner said he was no longer communicating with women online in that way and had not done so since announcing his candidacy for New York City mayor.

"These things were personal in nature," Weiner said. "I've worked them out between me and my wife, and I've gotten them behind me. They're been behind me for some time now. And it wasn't until they were behind me that I decided to run for mayor."

Democrats have quickly distanced themselves from Weiner, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slamming him on Thursday.

“The conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible,” said Pelosi of Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D), who is accused of sexually harassing female coworkers. 

“It is so disrespectful of women, and what's really stunning about it is they don't even realize. They don't have a clue,” she added.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday said Weiner should exit the race and seek “serious psychiatric help.”

Weiner though has resisted those calls, saying that the voters of New York should decide if he is fit for office.

“When people talk to me on the street, they don't want to talk about something in my past; they want to talk about their future,” Weiner told reporters on Wednesday. 

The recent revelations have damaged Weiner in the polls, with a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey finding he had lost his lead in the race. That poll found Weiner trailing New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.