Scott Walker: Christie, Paul 2016 talk is 'a disservice' to the GOP

“At least on the Republican side I think it's too early,” Walker said on Fox News Tuesday morning. “I think it's a disservice both to the party and to the country.”


Walker, Christie and Paul are among the prominent Republican names being floated for the GOP nomination.

Paul and Christie have ramped up 2016 speculation in the last month with public spats. The two have criticized one another on a range of policy issues, from government spending to Paul's opposition to National Security Agency surveillance programs.

Paul took another swipe at Christie on Sunday, saying during an interview with "Fox News Sunday" that “there's room for people who believe in bigger government in our party.”

Walker said Tuesday that the GOP should focus on the 2014 elections.

His comments come just a day after he criticized the party on MSNBC's “Morning Joe,” saying Republicans in Washington need to lay out specific alternatives to the Democratic agenda rather than just seeking to block it at every turn.