McConnell attack ad hammers Bevin on claimed educational ties


The ad highlights a Hill report that Bevin may have offered a misleading portrayal of his educational background, a phrase quoted in the attack ad. The Tea Party candidate claimed MIT connections on his LinkedIn profile, but a spokesperson for MIT said Bevin had never enrolled in or graduated from an MIT-affiliated program.

 "Can you believe 'Bailout Bevin' on anything?" a narrator opens the ad.

The narrator also hammers Bevin on tax issues with his vacation home and family business, attacks that have been rated mostly false by a number of fact-checkers.

In response, Bevin charged that McConnell will "stoop to any level to hang onto his job," and slammed him for his initial support for granting citizenship to illegal immigrants and his reluctance to commit to defunding the president's healthcare law.

“He refused to lead on the issue of amnesty, and currently, he refuses to stand up and defund Obamacare,” Bevin said in a statement. “But, with his latest attack ad, the only thing Mitch McConnell seems to be accomplishing these days is taking the childishness of campaign name-calling to a whole new level. Just when you think the lies can’t get any more ridiculous, Mitch McConnell proves that he’ll stoop to any level to hang on to his job.”

The Bevin campaign also posted alongside the statement a photo of Bevin's diploma from the "EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program," which they say is proof Bevin didn't mislead in his LinkedIn profile.

The 30-second spot is McConnell's third attack on the Tea Party challenger, and the latest indication he's taking Bevin seriously. 

McConnell has long been considered vulnerable to a primary challenge, as the Tea Party has expressed dissatisfaction with his voting record, citing his support for the financial bailout, raising the debt ceiling and an early immigration reform effort, among others.

But he's amassed a nearly $10-million war chest at this point in the campaign that he's already using to liberally hammer his opponent on the right.

McConnell also faces a Democratic challenger in Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

--This post was updated at 11:27 to reflect comment from Bevin.