America's Nuclear Energy Future: A Policy Briefing

From nuclear energy to renewables like solar and wind to new sources of fossil fuels, the energy landscape in the U.S. is transforming as new technologies continue to develop. These developments have vast implications –– from economic prosperity and jobs, to international relationships, national security and the environment.

Join The Hill to explore the current and future roles nuclear energy plays in the global economy. How are new technological advances in nuclear energy affecting international trade and the global energy sector? We will convene leading experts, stakeholders and government officials in energy and the environment to discuss policies and regulations that could affect the growth of the nuclear energy industry and the ability of the nation to meet clean energy goals.  

8:35 AM - Industry perspectives provided by MARVIN FERTEL, President & CEO, Nuclear Energy Institute

8:45 AM - Panel discussion with:
MATT BENNETT, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Third Way
EILEEN CLAUSSEN, Founder & former President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
SEAN McGARVEY, President, North America's Building Trades Unions
DANNY RODERICK, President & CEO, Westinghouse Electric Company

9:30 AM - Keynote interview with Congressman ADAM KINZINGER (R-IL-16)

9:45 AM - Program concludes