Internet of things: The next frontier in tech innovation


Join The Hill on Tuesday, May 10 for a conversation on how technological innovation and the Internet of Things are transforming the way we live. How can policymakers and industry collaborate to support the development and implementation of these cutting-edge technologies? What standards or regulations might be needed to ensure the security of information being transmitted?

8:35 AM: Keynote interview with REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-Calif.) in conversation with The Hill's Associate Editor A.B. STODDARD

8:50 AM: Sponsor Perspective presented by JIM McCARTHY, EVP, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Visa, Inc. in conversation with LINDA MOORE, President & CEO, TechNet

9:10 AM: Panel discussion with:
JUSTIN BROOKMAN, Policy Director, Office of Technology Research and Investigation, Federal Trade Commission
SENTHIL RAMAKRISHNAN, Lead Principal Architect, Internet of Things Security, AT&T
Moderated by The Hill's Staff Writer KATIE BO WILLIAMS

9:40 AM: Program concludes