The democratization of technology: A discussion on the accessibility of innovation

While individuals today have unprecedented opportunities for technological innovation, this has also created challenges as policy struggles to keep pace with technology.

Join The Hill on Tuesday, June 14 for a conversation on open source and the democratization of technology. How can making technological innovation more accessible diversify the marketplace? What security challenges are posed by the ability to modify and repurpose applications by the masses? Policymakers and industry leaders will consider the delicate balance between the desire to stay at the cutting-edge of technology with the protection of intellectual property and data security.  
8:35 AM: Keynote interview with REP. JARED POLIS (D-Colo.) in conversation with The Hill’s KATIE BO WILLIAMS

8:55 AM: Sponsor Perspective presented by MARK JAMISON, Senior Vice President, Global New Product Design, Visa

9:10 AM: Presentation & Discussion featuring:
MARGARET SHEPARD, Managing Director, 1776
MORGAN REED, Executive Director, ACT | The App Association

9:30 AM: Keynote interview with REP. BLAKE FARENTHOLD (R-Texas) in conversation with KATIE BO WILLIAMS


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