Real Estate and the U.S. Economy: A Policy Discussion on 2017 & Beyond

The U.S. real estate industry generates more than 20 percent of America’s GDP, employs more than 9 million people, and produces nearly two-thirds of the taxes raised by local governments for essential public services.

What is the relationship between the strength of the U.S. real estate market and the overall health of the economy? How do demographic shifts affect real estate trends? How will economic policy decisions in 2017 and beyond affect the strength of the real estate market? How can the real estate industry and government leaders work together to make homeownership and financial capital more accessible to first-time buyers, Millennials, and minorities? What policy and regulatory reforms are needed to maintain credit market capacity and capital formation? What innovations in technology and sustainability are impacting the industry?

At the Democratic National Conventions, join The Hill and the National Real Estate Organizations to explore the state of the U.S. real estate market and the prospects for the industry in a new Congress and a new White House.

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Sponsored by the National Real Estate Organizations