Ann Romney did not expect Clint Eastwood or his 'unique' routine

Ann Romney on Friday tried to sidestep the controversy over Clint Eastwood’s speech to the Republican convention, expressing gratitude for the Hollywood star’s endorsement of her husband. 


“I was grateful for his support,” Romney said when asked on ABC’s "Good Morning America" to respond to Eastwood’s 10-minute address to Tampa delegates. 

On CBS’s “This Morning,” Ann Romney said Eastwood “did a unique thing” on Thursday night. 

"I didn't know it was coming,” she added. 

Eastwood set tongues wagging with an apparently improvised riff in which he praised Republican nominee Mitt Romney and spoke to an invisible President Obama in an empty chair. Speaking to the empty chair, he said "you're crazy."

The act had some in the GOP convention crowd laughing, had others recoiling and set off a frenzy of commentary on social media sites — with many calling the episode bizarre and inappropriate to the setting. 

Eastwood also delivered a critique of Obama that roused convention delegates. 

“When somebody does not do the job, we got to let him go," he said. 

Ann Romney, though, offered no opinion on the content of Eastwood’s address. 

“I frankly hadn’t given it much thought. I didn’t even know he was going to come onstage,” she told "GMA" host George Stephanopoulos. 

On CBS, Ann Romney said she wished voters could have seen more of the personal stories — told in video segments and by family friends — of her husband's life. That segment of the Republican program, unlike Eastwood's, was not shown on network television.

"I think it's important that people do see that side of Mitt. We appreciated Clint's support, of course. But, yes, I do wish more people had seen ... those touching moments," she said. "For me, the more touching moments were the real personal testimonials, the real live people whose real lives have been so impacted by such loss and such difficulty in their lives and how Mitt was there for them."