Connecticut congresswoman defends vacation in Italy during hurricane

News 8 asked DeLauro to clarify whether she knew the storm was approaching before she left on her trip.

"I left Friday morning," said DeLauro.

"So you knew the storm was coming?" asked News 8.

"No, I left before, no, no, no, I left before the storm was coming."

A state of emergency was declared for Connecticut in the wake of Irene.

DeLauro's office issued a statement saying the interaction with News 8 was a miscommunication.

"Congresswoman DeLauro’s answer of ‘Friday’ is in response to when she arrived home from Italy, not when she left for Italy. She left on Sunday, August 21, before the storm was an issue. She returned to the district on Friday, September 2, as soon as travel arrangements could be made," said the statement.

Taegan Goddard's "Political Wire" highlighted the video Tuesday, calling DeLauro's comments a "ready-made campaign ad."

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