Rep. Waters: Scrap supercommittee; GOP 'not negotiating in good faith'

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called for scrapping the deficit-reduction supercommittee on Monday, accusing Republican members of “not negotiating in good faith.”

Waters criticized Republicans on the committee for their reluctance to find new revenues from the energy or financial services industries and said the GOP was only focused on cutting programs and services aimed at low-income and elderly Americans.

“The Democrats don’t have the numbers and the power to really stop this,” Waters said referring to the Republican’s unwillingness to negotiate and the automatic cuts triggered if the committee cannot reach an agreement. “And so it should not be 12 members that are hand-picked, it should be regular order of business.”

Waters began her push to dissolve the supercommittee last week and introduced a bill to eliminate the panel and its mandate to find $1.2 trillion savings.