Rep. Radel in Vine video: 'Woody, Buzz. We know what you're up to'

Rep. Trey RadelHenry (Trey) Jude RadelEx-GOP rep: Ryan avoids Speakership to protect shot at higher office 2014's top scandals After yearlong absence, ex-congressman makes Twitter return MORE (R-Fla.) appears to have uncovered a massive whispering campaign allegedly orchestrated by…the main characters of the Disney movie “Toy Story.”


Wearing a backward baseball cap and looking directly into a camera with his young son, Jude, by his side, the Florida Republican speaks in a Vine video he posted Tuesday on his Twitter page.

“Every time we leave the room, we know you’re talking about us,” the 37-year-old congressman declares. The camera then cuts to shots of a series of “Toy Story” action figures, including the 1995 computer-animated film’s stars, Woody the cowboy and space ranger Buzz Lightyear.

In his accompanying Twitter message, Radel wrote, “Woody, Buzz. We know what you’re up to.”

In the children’s flick, the toys come to life when their kid owners are away.

No word if the characters’ convos about the Radel family have anything to do with the lawmaker’s recent Halloween costume choice.

On Oct. 31, Radel showed his more than 8,000 Twitter followers a snapshot of him with his wife and son dressed in “Toy Story”-inspired getups, writing: