House majority whip: Beware of Obama's 'monster' budget

"The American people live in fear. The threat is growing. It's back. The return of the Monster budget. Run, don't walk. It spends too much, it taxes too much, it borrows too much. The President's foot remains stuck on the petal, the monster budget is back," says the narrator in the video.

Obama will release his 2013 budget one week late, on Feb. 13. Administration officials announced last month that the budget would be delivered late for the third time in as many years. 

Congressional Republicans plan to use Obama's budget proposal as a unifying force for their party, after Democrats were largely seen as political winners in December and January.

The majority whip seems to be heading in that direction with his new video and tweet earlier Thursday that said, "BEWARE: Feb.13th marks the return of the President’s Monster Budget. We have to stop it, before it’s too late."

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